DBSL was founded in 2014 as an architectural firm, providing design, organization and construction services, interior design and consultancy services. The company has a significant number of clients and has to present dozens of completed projects throughout Cyprus.
From planning stage to the completion, the construction of a project is a complex and demanding procedure that begins with the issuance of the building permit and ends with the completion of the project. DBSL company, along with its team of architects and engineers, offers modern and fashionable choices to its customers with an unwavering focus on quality.

With excellent quality in the end result, within the budget and schedule, the company ensures optimum solutions, using bold architectural elements, innovative materials and new sustainable technologies. Whether it’s designing a new home or adding on an existing building, the design approach is tailored to the needs of each customer, emphasizing the high aesthetics and exemplary functionality in each property, thus transforming a simple home into an ideal living environment.