Project Description


105_Private Residence in Strovolos, Nicosia

Finished Project

The “U” formation around a not so external veranda was the original idea of ​​the composition of this house in Strovolos. With a total area of ​​301 square meters of covered areas of the house, 46sqm of covered terraces and 16 sqm that are part of the parking lot, it exhausts the coverage rate of the area that is low. As a result, some spaces such as the second parking lot have been designed to be perforated.

The entrance, although open to the road, is lost in the composition of synthetic wood with only the point of betraying its position on the entrance path. The rear view, with a simple design and only decorative element, the volumes and beams, which were used mainly for shading, is mainly characterized by the continuous openings that offer unobstructed views of the garden and the pool.

Externally, one could characterize the design as a cube with detachable pieces that vary in texture, giving depth and perspective.

Upon entering the house, one is at the most central point of the building, through which all access to the other areas is diffused. Just opposite, the large enclosed terrace that opens onto the pool has the property of being transformed from a cool summer terrace into a cozy space, enclosed but with a sense of outdoor feel. The double-sided fireplace does not go unnoticed, serving both the main terrace and the formal living room overlooking the courtyard with the pool. The back of the house completes an easy-to-use and comfortable kitchen, with access from the parking lot, and in direct contact with the main terrace. Through the expansion of the kitchen counter in an outdoor bar, it creates a pleasant and useful connection with the yard and the pool area. The office that serves the needs of the owners, was placed on the facade, discreetly integrated with the auxiliary spaces of the ground floor.

As long as the entrance is hidden in its camouflage, the planted wooden stairs leading to the floor do not go unnoticed and are visible from the large vertical window of the facade. Upstairs, the comfortable children’s bedrooms with their own toilets are masterfully separated from the main bedroom so that they have no contact. This separation, which is created through a large corridor, which you use as a source of natural light and storage space, ends in the laundry room with a connection to an outdoor covered terrace. The master bedroom, which is the eastern volume of the floor, is in parallel with his wardrobe and his own shower.

The home would be a dream come true for any modern family. The project completion time is estimated at 12 months.

3D Visualisation

Construction Progress