Project Description


194_Private Residence in Psimolofou, Nicosia

Under Construction

The house is located in the village of Psimolofou, Nicosia province, in a quiet area outside the core of the village. The plot, large and angular, helped to better accommodate the building, leaving a large space for garden landscaping.

The ground floor is forming a large living room, the fireplace and the TV are fitted on a large stone wall, with a skylight at the top, for better sunbathing and ventilation. The dining room is located between the living room and the kitchen, which while the kitchen is in an open layout with the rest of the space, is nevertheless hidden behind the staircase leading to the floor. A small living room also touches the kitchen, which will be used as a place of entertainment for the young children of the owners.

The stone wall next to the living room was designed in such a way as to diffuse the sunlight at the top, through a skylight, towards the living room, thus creating the feeling that the volume of the rooms on the floor is hovering.

Throughout the back of the house there is a terrace that connects with the garden and the barbeque area for the summer months.

The floor accommodates 4 bedrooms, 3 with shared bathroom and the master bedroom has its own en suite with wardrobe. A small kitchen was also designed on the first floor to serve the needs of the family but also to be used as a laundry room.

Externally the building is quite minimal, in soft colour tones. Natural materials used, such as stone and wood, were again selected in soft tones. The large slides on the facade, in the living room area were covered with wooden blinds for proper shading. The main openings are located at the back of the house overlooking the back garden.

The total area of ​​the house is 188sqm, with 17.3sqm covered terraces and 33sqm covered parking. The total completion time of the house is estimated at 12 months.

3D Visualisation

Construction Progress